I have known and used the Montagut and Sobral office for 15 years, Germaine Sobral, one of the best immigration attorneys, worked on my parents’ residence case 20 years ago and her commitment and dedication paid off when my two siblings and I were allow to enter the United States as permanent residents in 2001. The team and attorneys are always welcoming and understanding as every situation or case varies. This is my go to place when I need any legal advice. In 2008 Germaine Sobral, also helped me with my citizenship application, which made the process fast and easy. In 2015 my husband and I started another long process and we were helped in such a professional and amicable way that we are grateful to have trusted them with our case once again. A big thank you to David Sobral, who also walked us through every single step of this process, answering every single question we had. So happy for the outcome of every case the Montagut and Sobral office handled for us.
Totally recommend them!

I will never find the right words to thank the incredible service and dedication that Attorney David Sobral put in my husband's case. I started my case with a lawyer from another firm, but seeing that it was not interesting and I was the one who practically found out everything online, I decided to change it and immediately approached Montagut & Sobral Law Office. My first interview was with Dr. Montagut and when listening to my case, I ended up with Dr. David, which was the most successful. I know it is a long and tedious process, but during the entire time of the process, lawyer David Sobral always answered all my calls or emails on time, clearing every doubt that I might have. From now on, I say Dr. David, thank you very much for always being patient, for guiding us properly during this process, for always giving us hope and optimism. But above all thanks for not treating us as one more number, but for treating us as "friends". God bless you.

My experience with Montagut and Sobral was a beyond exceptional! When I first met Ms. Ashley, I knew it was a match in Heaven. She knew how to explain everything and made me feel completely at ease. Her assistant, Thalia Montano, made it super comfortable for me as well. They were both there to answer any questions I had through the whole process and made sure to reassure me that everything was going as it should be! It was a process of about 11 months working with them and I was confident I was in good hands. Ms. Ashley prepped me and my husband for our Immigration interview and made sure we went in prepared and confident. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer and team to help us through this journey!

As lawyers I recommend them 100%, they know the subject, they guide people and they always tell you honestly if your case is viable or not. They are very professional and stand out for their experience and best speak Spanish.

My mother and I will eternally be grateful for everything Montagut and Sobral, PC Attorneys at Law have done for us. From the very beginning of the process to the end, they were consistent, dedicated, great at communication, very helpful, empathic and kind. Ashley Ham Pong was our attorney and her legal assistant Thalia were both amazing. They were honest, explained the process thoroughly from the beginning, told us what to expect with very accurate timelines, and took care of everything in general. Ashley and Thalia were exceptional and made the entire experience, which was very nerve-racking at times, very smooth all the way through. Thalia always made time and was always willing to answer my mother's questions, especially when Ashley was busy. Also, David Sobral was also very helpful and made for a very happy ending thanks to his help at the end of the process. Overall, an AMAZING team, we can't say thank you enough for everything that you all have done for us!

Thanks to my lawyer Germaine Sobral, and to her assistant Lili, always professionals, they have done an excellent job with my immigration case, they are more than excellent! I recommend them 100% if you are going to do any paperwork with them, rest assured that they will do the best job! Professional and highly experienced! God bless you.

I am so blessed and thankful to have had the pleasure to work with Attorney Julie Soininen who is a phenomenal attorney. Even when everyone else closed their doors on me and said there was nothing to be done, Julie was the only one that gave me hope. She was very dedicated to her work and always found a way to help me in those long 7.5 years. I can now finally let out a sigh of relief and look forward to the new beginning that I was given.
Julie, thank you so much for everything you did. I definitely recommend her services.

I highly recommend Montagut and Sobral Law Office, I have been working with David for the last 2.5 yrs and he has been very helpful working on my husband’s case, it is always very easy to contact him, super professional and the most important always communicating any information in a timely manner. I cannot express how thankful I am with all his hard work as well as Mrs. Sobral.

I definitely recommend that you hire the services of this Law Firm, its facilities are clean and pleasant environment, all its staff from the receptionists, are very attentive, professional and dedicated in each case they work, the experience that my family and I have with them, we are completely satisfied, in a specific and very special way, we thank Attorney Ashley Ham Pong, for her dedication and effort in winning our Political Asylum case before the Immigration court, for that and more, we wish you many more successes in what they know how to do. Thank you...

My wife and I are super grateful for the services obtained in Montagut and especially to Julie Soininen because she has been a one hundred percent professional lawyer always open to our concerns and questions, thank you for not only taking my wife's case as well that of my brothers-in-law and the friends that we have recommended and that we have all obtained a super positive result in our cases and we will continue to recommend this law firm, especially to Julie, whom I recommend to all, we are happy to know that there are still honest and helpful lawyers to the Latino community !!! Thanks Montagut & Sobral PC !!

I want to infinitely thank all the staff of lawyers and collaborators, especially the lawyer Julie Soininen, they recommended this place to me a long time ago and the truth is they are very professional and ethical in everything related to your situation, they have very good customer service, and Not to mention the lawyer Julie, very kind and cordial, always speaking the truth, something that is very difficult in some lawyers who lie to only get the money and in the end nothing is obtained, but in this case nothing to do very professional and I have no the words to explain how happy I feel, recommended !! Successes and blessings in your future and continue working in the same way to continue helping not only our Latino community but everyone who requires your help.

I am very grateful for the service, kindness, professionalism of this team of lawyers. Attorney Ashley Ham Pong, took my case about a year ago. During this time, attorney Ashley resolved my case with great confidence and enthusiasm. Throughout the entire process she was extremely gentle and the case was won. I recommend Montagut & Sobral PC to everyone, the professionalism is extremely detailed. I am very grateful to your services. Thank God and Montagut & Sobral PC.

There’s no way I can express myself about the Montagut & Sobral law office, the people who works there changed my life forever, my appreciation is eternal for all of them in the law office, excellent work ethics, honest like no other, and overall amazing and extremely knowledgeable about immigration laws, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, keep on doing what you do best, making dreams come true.