USCIS Assistance

Appeals of Denials from USCIS

If you have received a Request for Evidence, Notice of Intent to Revoke, or Notice of Intent to Deny, time is of the essence to respond and we can help you analyze your legal position. If you have received a Denial from USCIS, we can help you evaluate your options for appeal.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

In many cases, our attorneys will recommend a FOIA Request to review your immigration history with USCIS to determine eligibility for permanent residency. We can also assist with records requests to Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), the Immigration Courts, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for arrest records.

Address Changes

It is critically important that applicants always change their address with USCIS when they have pending applications because vital documents such as work permits or green cards can get lost and there are significant delays and fees to replace them. Permanent Residents are still required to notify USCIS of address changes until they become US Citizens.

Case Status

If your application has been pending for a long time and is overdue according to the published USCIS processing times, our office can assist you with submitting E-Inquiries to check on the case, schedule “Infopass” appointments which are in-person meetings with a USCIS Officer to review the status of your case, escalate the case to the USCIS Ombudsman’s Office or assist you with escalating through your Congressional Representative.

Passport Stamps

We can assist clients to obtain an Infopass appointment if they need proof of permanent residence, proof of asylee status, pending I-751 stamps, pending I-90 stamps or emergency travel parole authorization.

Parole in Place

We have helped several clients obtain a “Parole in Place” from USCIS which essentially grants them a lawful entry so they can adjust in the US instead of consular processing. We need to prove to USCIS that the client’s US Citizen spouse is currently serving, or has served, in the United States Armed Forces and would suffer hardship if they were separated from their spouse.